What we believe in

Our goal as a company is to improve and enliven our world by making great products, encouraging people to try new things, and helping others live their dreams!

Here’s how we live it out:

We believe in using responsibly-sourced materials.

We search far and wide for the fabric we use to make our products. Not just any fabric will do. In addition to meeting our standards for abrasion-resistance, color-fastness, and water-proofing, our fabric choices must be responsibly-sourced and give benefit to our communities from their use.

Our fabrics must fit into one of these categories:

  1. Upcycled (re-purposing waste materials or useless products into something new and useful)
    1. Roll-ends: What is left on a roll of fabric after a manufacturer has taken what they need. These are typically left for scrap or discarded.
    2. B-grade or Seconds: This material is deemed “not perfect” by the manufacturer. These are also typically left for scrap or discarded.
    3. Any neglected/orphaned fabric: Some examples are unclaimed freight, salvaged goods, and roll-ends.
  2. Environmentally Friendly
    1. Any recycled or recycle-able fabric
      1. Ex: Polyester material that is made partially from recycled plastic bottles
      2. Ex: Re-purposed vinyl billboards
    2. Any environmentally-friendly fabric 
      1. Ex: Olefin. Olefin is one of a few synthetic materials that can be melted down and reused an infinite number of times. Very cool!
  3. Made in USA
    1. Any fabric made in the USA. This contributes positively to our country’s economy and helps provide jobs.

We believe in using responsibly-sourced labor.

We’re pretty picky when it comes to who makes our products. We have no interest in paying our manufacturers for their work and then turning a blind eye to the condition of their laborers. Quite the opposite actually. To the best of our abilities, we make it a point to personally visit and know each of the laborers who produce our products. This allows us to make sure our sewers are receiving fair wages and have good working conditions. It’s not just “a nice thing we do”, it’s responsible business!

By taking care of our laborers, we can deliver a better product to our customers. And when we have happy customers, our sales go up. And when sales go up, we can give more business to our laborers. And when we provide financial benefit for our laborers, they deliver a better product. Such an awesome cycle!

We believe in building strong community.

Natril Gear’s goal statement (top of page) challenges us to improve and enliven the world! We’ve seen our company live up to this challenge before, and we want to keep doing it!

We work hard to create a positive civic contribution in our home city (Fort Wayne, IN). We offer unconditional 5-year warranties on all of our products. We use an interactive design method that engages our community in our product prototyping process. Our community has named our original product (“Luggers”), created our tagline for us (“The world is waiting…”), and named each and every one of our product colors and patterns (and will continue to do so!). This creates strong relationships which build a strong community.

Similar to the awesome cycle that happens when we make responsible labor choices, being involved with our community has yielded some amazing synergy and life-changing results too! We have been so inspired by the stories and friendships that have developed within the Natril Gear community! Thank you, and keep it coming!

We believe the world is waiting.

Natril Gear is a business and gathering place for passionate, adventurous life-lovers who believe that together we can improve and enliven the world (yes, the whole world!). We believe that our lives make a difference, so we work to make a difference with our lives, and we want to encourage you to do the same!

One of April’s favorite quotes is “Be the change you want to see in the world”. With this in mind, we at Natril Gear aim to live boldly, truly, and joyfully in the hopes of inspiring you to break away from the things that hold you back from doing the same!

You know “the world is waiting”. You don’t need us to take you by the hand and explain what this means. Let’s live life to the fullest, go exploring everywhere we want to explore, spread cheer, show courage, discover what we’re made of and help others to discover it too! Come on – the world is waiting!