Our Goal:

It’s our goal to improve and enliven our world by making great products, encouraging people to try new things, and helping others live their dreams!

Our Story:

Natril Gear was started in 2011 after co-founders Nathan and April (Nathan + April = Natril) pursued a dream and went for a bike ride. A really long one. From Astoria, Oregon to The Outer Banks of North Carolina!

4641 miles.100 Days.13 States.August-November 2010

While preparing for the trip, Nathan and April decided they wanted saddlebags with bright colors and patterns because colors are fun (and more visible on the road)! Unfortunately (or fortunately?), they didn’t find any, so they picked some bright, colorful fabric, borrowed a sewing machine, and made their first Luggers. For the entire 4,641 mile journey, their Luggers held up great and drew lots of attention! One of the most common refrains they heard was, “I love your bags!! Where can I get some?”

And Natril Gear was born!


Natril Gear has since expanded our offerings into more than just Luggers, but a passion for bright and lively colors is evident throughout our products. As April likes to say, “Our gear is full of functionality AND personality!”

At Natril Gear, it’s not just our products that set us apart, it’s the way we conduct our business. We’re building a company that we and you can be proud to shop at, a company that makes a positive civic contribution, and a company that inspires others to improve and enliven the world! 

We believe in using responsibly sourced materials.

We believe in using responsibly sourced labor.

We believe in building strong community.

We believe the world is waiting.

Of course we would love for everyone to have an epic adventure, like riding a bicycle across the country, but really, our hope is that our products help you to chase YOUR dreams, whatever they may be. We at Natril Gear want to be an inspiration and example by actively reaching for our dreams and encouraging you to do the same.  So go get ‘em, and remember: the journey IS the adventure!